Money is a key component of a growth-oriented capitalist society. Since the financial meltdown about a decade ago, money – as a unit of measure, as a means of exchange and as stock of value – has been facing increasing criticism. Some argue that the money system, manifested in the power of the banking and financial sector, is to be challenged and organised to serve the interests of the public. Others would point to the need to change money itself and towards more bottom up ways of using it, arguing, for example, for local currencies or time banks. In this plenary, we discuss the recent critiques of money and its connection to critical social theory, political philosophy, ecological economics and experiences with local currencies.

Speakers: Ole Bjerg (Copenhagen Business School), Alf Hornborg (Lund University), Ruby van der Wekken (Siemenpuu Foundation) Chair: Alexander Paulsson (Lund University)

Jonas Eriksson

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Jonas Eriksson

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