This panel will discuss how international and regional human rights bodies has affected and developed the concept of human rights, but also how these institutions are more and more challenged – either because they no longer protect the rights of individuals effectively enough or because they enforce obligations on states that are not willing to accept them. The seminar will look at the role of the UN, its human rights bodies, internal capacity to respect human rights and the role of its most powerful body, the Security Council, in preventing severe human rights violation. The panel will also discuss how other international and regional human rights bodies function, are under attack or its efficiency is questioned. How will these institutions; the European Court, the ICC, the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU, the African and the American commissions etc – function in a near future? Are new bodies necessary, perhaps an international human rights court?

Participants: Anna Wigenmark, The Swedish Human Rights and Democracy Movement – Ordfront, Bill Pace, convener NGO Coalition for the ICC, Hans Corell, former UN Under General Secretar, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, former UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking and Rolf Künnemann, Co-founder of FIAN International.

Jonas Eriksson

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Jonas Eriksson

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