As soon as Donald Trump was elected US president, national human rights organizations such as the ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights, made it very clear that any attempts from the new president to violate the US constitution will be follow by a law suit. Before the president’s first 100 days were over, a number of law suits were already filed, the first attempt of a Muslim Ban was quashed. This seminar presents how CSO:s, in particular the American Civil Liberties Union, has, until now, managed to stop the presidential power from abusing civil rights.

Participants: Esha Bhandari, American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, and Anna Wigenmark, The Swedish Human Rights and Democracy Movement – Ordfront.

Esha Bhandari is an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s, Speech, Privacy and Technology project. Esha has involved in a number of cases that tackle president Trump’s policies in this field.

Jonas Eriksson

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Jonas Eriksson

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