It is today widely recognized that there is a clear relationship between corruption and the enjoyment of human rights and that corruption is one of the biggest impediments locally and globally, not only for the realisation of human rights but for the sustainable development agenda as well. Corruption diverts funds intended for investment in public services, erodes the rule of law, distorts justice systems, interferes with political processes and affects delivery of public services, such as the right to education and access to adequate health care, just to give a few examples. An international panel will look into the complexities of this and other related questions

Thuli Madonsela is South Africas former Public Protector. She has been listed in Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people and been awarded with Transparency Internationals Integrety Award.

Participants: Thuli Madonsela, South Africas former Public Protector, Hanna Gerdes, Founder Hanna and Goliath Law & Education, Martin Ängeby, General Secretary Swedish International Liberal Center, Morten Kjaerum, Director Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

Jonas Eriksson

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Jonas Eriksson

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